Conservation, Restoration and Educational projects
for the Welland catchment since 2010.

© Callum Crawford


Connecting local people back with their river and
promoting wider understanding of catchment issues.


The Welland Valley Partnership provides a multi-stakeholder
approach to delivering action where it's most needed.

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For more information, please contact us directly at info@wellandriverstrust.org.uk 

Rising in Northamptonshire and flowing 105km eastwards towards The Wash, the Welland and its tributaries carve a picturesque rolling landscape with historic towns, rural vistas and wildlife hotspots.  

Find out more about the steering group working together to pool resources and tackle the bigger issues across the Welland catchment.

From habitat restoration and water quality monitoring to facilitating community involvement, our projects and those of the partnership span a broad range of issues.

Latest News from the Welland

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