About Us

The Welland Rivers Trust

The Welland Rivers Trust (WRT) was established in 2010 and is the only independent environmental charity solely committed to improving the Welland Catchment in the East Midlands. 

We work with a diverse array of stakeholders to deliver projects aimed at improving biodiversity, river function and public access to ensure that the River Welland and its tributaries are healthy and recognised as a valuable asset to our communities.

The overall aim of the WRT is for the River Welland to:

 Be cleaner and healthier
• Support more fish, birds and other wildlife
• Meet the needs of drinking water suppliers and businesses
• Provide a more attractive amenity for people to enjoy
• Be sensitively managed by everyone whose activities affect it
• Continue to provide drainage and manage flood risk

The River Welland and its tributaries drain 1,580 kmof predominately agricultural land in the East Midlands. The catchment is strategically important on a national scale, hosting Rutland Water and forming part of The Fens drainage network.

WRT chairs the Welland Valley Partnership, drawing together expertise and a shared vision for a healthier, more biodiverse catchment.

Behind the scenes, a full time project officer and board of trustees guide WRT’s work to improve the Welland catchment.