Ashley Community Habitat Project

Ashley Community Habitat Project


Canalised Welland at Ashlet pre-project
Canalised Welland at Ashley pre-project


Ashley Village

Lead Organisation

Wild Trout Trust; Environment Agency; Ashley Parish Council


Like much of the River Welland, the river stretch that runs adjacent to the village of Ashley has been heavily canalised. As a result, Environment Agency surveys have shown that very few fish can be found in this region, and the invertebrates populations are equally low.

The key issues this project will address are: biodiversity; morphology and community engagement.

This river stretch has been restored by the Environment Agency in the past, focusing on morphology, flow and habitat. Further improvements are required to improve these past works to benefit river morphology and provide suitable habitat.

Riffle looking upstream
Riffle looking upstream


The purpose is to work with Ashley Parish Council to deliver river habitat and morphology improvements to benefit the local wildlife. This will include in-channel improvements, and bank reprofiling.


Physical works have begun in the summer of 2018, are will be finished by December 2018.

Output and Monitoring

The deliverables are likely to include length of channel restored, number of improvements made, and biodiversity improvements shown through Pre- and Post-work surveying.

Post project canalised section
Post project canalised section