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In memory of David Douche

31st March, 2017

The Welland Rivers Trust is very grateful to the family of the late David Douche of Bringhurst for thinking of us and for asking for donations at his funeral to be given to the Trust. David was very fond of the Welland and his house overlooked the Welland Valley. After discussing how the money could be used with his daughter and discovering that David was a keen Parish Councillor, we agreed that it would be fitting that donations will be used towards our new Cool Rivers project and tree planting along the river’s banks. In the coming months we will be working with Parish Councils and local communities all along the Welland Valley, to identify sites along the river to plant trees which will provide shade during the hot summer months when water levels might be low. This will help maintain oxygen levels, suppress weed growth and provide shelter to fish and other aquatic life.


Our thoughts are with David’s family at this time.