EA River Gwash fish survey report

EA River Gwash fish survey report


Great news, the Environment Agency recently conducted fish surveys at two sites along the River Gwash, and identified very healthy fish stock in this river:


• Two sites on the Gwash system at Foundry Road and White post Bridge were electric fished to assess the fish population present.

• Eleven species of fish were recorded and a total of 364 fish were captured for measurement (minor species such as stickleback etc. are recorded for the presence but not collected during surveying)

• Brown trout (209 fish) were the most numerous species followed by dace (96), grayling (25) and chub (25). Eel and perch were also present in small number.

• The largest brown trout was 354mm in length which would be a fish of over a pound in weight.

• The largest grayling caught was 310mm in length.

• Fish numbers are good compared to historical catches from the two sites dating back to the 1990’s.


The Gwash holds good densities of fish in it throughout its course. Wild brown trout continue to thrive with good numbers found at both sites surveyed for this report. Grayling appear to be doing well with over twenty fish picked up at Foundry Road. Continued habitat improvement schemes on the river combined with fish passage schemes will go some way to improving fish stocks. The densities of trout in the Gwash are the highest on the Welland system, it is likely the sea trout found in the river may be related to fish from the Gwash. Further investigation may reveal more on this.

Follow this link for the full report: Gwash trout numbers 2017 survey