EA River Welland fish survey report

EA River Welland fish survey report


This report provides a brief summary of results from recent fish population surveys on the River Welland between Market Harborough and Spalding. The surveys were carried out to assess the health of the river and enable successful management of our principal fisheries


• Ten electric fishing sites were surveyed during 2017 along the upper Welland (above Peakirk). The wide river downstream of this between Crowland Bridge and Spalding was surveyed using hydroacoustic technology during the night when fish are more active.

• Sixteen species of fish were recorded and a total of 1110 fish were captured for measurement in the upper river electric fishing sites.

• Chub and dace were the most widespread species, being recorded at seven and six sites respectively.

• Roach were the most numerous species.


Follow this link to access the full report: River Welland survey report 2017