Farming and Land Management

Sediment, nutrient and pesticide run-off is having a severe impact on water quality in the Welland catchment.  All living organisms can be affected, from mammals and fish down to plants and microorganisms. Assessment under the Water Frameworks Directive assesses the abundance of life within our rivers and indicates if the watercourse has ‘Good Ecological Status’.

Water entering our rivers affected by run-off from fields, roads, developed land or septic tanks is known as diffuse pollution.  Sources of pollution are spread across the landscape of the Welland catchment so can be hard to determine, and initiatives to reduce their impacts need to cover land away from the river bank as well as next to it.

The Welland Rivers Trust and the Welland Valley Partnership are working together to foster close working relationships with landowners and farmers and deliver projects and advice that target poor water quality at the source.