Funding Submission

The Welland Valley Partnership (led by the Welland Rivers Trust) submitted a significant funding bid on September 4th for the Water Environment Improvement Grant Scheme offered through the Environment Agency and DEFRA.

This proposed new scheme will be aimed at a wide range of potential projects from river restoration and barrier removal through to advice for landowners and control of invasive species and diffuse pollution. Overall, the scheme is aimed at the implementation of improvements taking place in, or having a benefit to rural catchment areas.

Together, the Welland Valley Partnership submitted a bid supporting 10 individual projects aimed at restoring and conserving the Welland River Catchment. The Welland Valley Partnership bid totalled over £2.5 million, and included projects ranging from environmentally friendly farming (e.g. The GWCT’s Water Friendly Farming Project), habitat restoration (e.g. The Welland Rivers Trust’s Welland Washes Project), and community outreach (e.g. The Ashley Community Habitat Project).

This is an exciting opportunity, and we hope to share good news with you soon.