Funding Submissions: Water Environment Grant

Funding Submission: Water Environment Grant


Great news! The Welland Rivers Trust have recently submitted 4 separate project funding applications to the new Environment Agency/DEFRA-led funding stream- The Water Environment Grant (WEG).

The WEG funding stream is designed to assist land owners, charities and local authorities in improving our freshwater environments, particularly in rural areas. A total of £27 million has been made available over three years for work across England that focuses on improving a waterbody’s WFD (Water Framework Directive) status and overall health.

The Welland Rivers Trust have submitted 4 applications on behalf of the Welland Valley Partnership, including:

1. The River Warden Training Programme: Aims to train a network of River Wardens across the catchment to assist us in monitoring and protecting the Welland Catchment.

2. The Welland Headwaters Improvement Project: Aims to improve the poor ecological status of this failing waterbody through habitat restoration, flood alleviation, and community engagement.

3. The Welland Floodplain Habitat Improvement Project: Aims to restore the historical water meadows of the middle Welland regions, creating important wetland habitat and reducing flood risk downstream.

4. The Welland Washes Feasibility Study: Aims to investigate the feasibility of restoring the historical washland habitats in the lower Welland, creating important wetland habitat and reducing flood risk downstream.

The total requested amount of the WRT’s 4 application is around to £760,000, so this represents a significant opportunity for the Welland Catchment. Successful applicants will be informed in August, with projects starting around the New Year. We hope to share good news with you soon!!!