Guash Habitat Improvements

Guash Habitat Improvements

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Lead organisations: Guash Fishing Club, Wild Trout Trust

Background to the Project:

The key issues this project will address are: River morphology and biodiversity.

Like many rivers in the U.K. the River Guash has historically been dredged in an attempt to reduce flooding. However, dredging of rivers has a range of negative impacts on a river’s ecology and wildlife. For example, plant communities can be completely removed from a river ecosystem, and invertebrates and fish can be impacted through loss of habitat, which has knock on effects for animals higher up the food chain.

The purpose of this project is to raise the River Guash’s riverbed to a more natural level, using both gravel augmentation and rubble insertion. This would deliver improvements to the river’s flow morphology, and well as associated improvements to biodiversity and species richness.



This project is already underway. In August 2018, 300 tonnes of gravel has recently been inserted into the River Guash, creating important invertebrate habitat and fish spawning sites.

Increased habitat features in the Gwash will support greater biodiversity of invertebrate and fish species, which will support a whole host of wildlife, and will support the fishing industry.

This work is part of our on-going efforts to improve the River Welland and its tributaries for both people and wildlife to enjoy


Future Work:

£160,000 still needs to be secured to insert rubble blocks into the River Guash to raise the level of the deepest pools. These areas have been deepened to a point that gravel insertion will be ineffective, and instead, rubble blocks will be needed.