Keeping the Welland Cool- Tree planting near Gretton- 27th January

Gretton tree planting

Gretton trees-1

On Saturday 27th January, 15 community volunteers from the area joined the Welland Rivers Trust to plant sapling trees near the River Welland by Gretton Village (Northamptonshire). The aim of this work was to create important riverine habitat for wildlife, but also to help reduce flooding in the area, as trees are effective in slowing down flood water, and in soaking up water in the soil. We planted a range of different native species appropriate for wet soils, including English oak, Aspen, Alder, Hazel and Crab apple. Despite windy and wet conditions, we managed to plant around 240 saplings over 2 hours. The Welland Rivers Trust are extremely grateful to everyone who helped.

Gretton trees-2

The Welland Rivers Trust will also be joint-hosting a tree planting event in Lubenham next month (24th February), but this time we will be aiming to plant over 1,000 saplings to create a community woodland. This will be a collaborative effort between the Welland Rivers Trust, The Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust, and the Woodland Trust. Please follow our Twitter and Facebook pages to find out more information and to sign up for this event. We hope to see you there.