Keeping the Welland Cool

Lead Organisation/s: The Welland Rivers Trust

Funding Sources: Flood Risk Management Revenue Grant in Aid through the Environment Agency

Community Planters

Community Planters


This project involves community volunteers plating trees along the banks of the River Welland and its main tributaries. Planting trees along the Welland is highly beneficial for both the wildlife and people who rely on it. For wildlife, the trees will grow to create shade for the water, which will lower the water temperature and increase dissolved oxygen in the water. This in turn will create a better habitat for freshwater biodiversity. In addition, the trees themselves will become suitable habitat for many important birds and mammals.

For land owners next to the river, and people who rely on the river, planting trees can bring about a range of different benefits, from life-saving shelter for livestock, combatting soil erosion, warming the soil to extend the growing season and slowing run-off and reducing flooding. They also provide habitat for game birds, attract vital pollinators, and could provide an extra income through wood-fuel.

Additional benefits from this project will include re-connecting and re-engaging communities with their rivers, and getting people thinking about conserving this vital resource into the future.

Current Work:

From December 2017-March 2018, five community tree planting events will be held across the Welland Catchment, involving volunteers from Gretton, Harringworth, Great Easton, Bringhurst, Drayton, Duddington, Lubenham and Market Harborough.

Already one plating event has been held, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all. To get involved or to learn about up-coming planting events, please contact us through the website, or follow the Welland Rivers Trust on Facebook or Twitter.

Status: Ongoing