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Welland Valley Partnership meeting- 20/10/2017

Location: Harborough District Council office; The Symington Building, Adam And Eve Street, Market Harborough LE16 7AG 


  1. Matthew Bills
  2. Geoff Gilfillan
  3. Huw Sharman
  4. Judy Rowley
  5. Simon Bonney
  6. Margaret Richards
  7. Peter Barham
  8. Georgina Wallis
  9. Richard Reynolds
  10. Richard Spiers
  11. Steve Greenwood
  12. Cyndy Claydon
  13. Keith Larkin


10.00  Welcome

10.05 Introduction and Healthy and Safety: Matthew Bills

10:20 Actions from previous meeting: Peter Barham

10.30 WRT PO report: Geoff Gilfillan

10.45 Individual Partner Updates: All

11.45 AOB: All

13:30 Market Harborough for People and Wildlife project site visit

Market Harborough Site Visit
Market Harborough Site Visit


Next meeting: December 15th at the Waterside Garden Centre in Bourne; 10am

Outcomes of meeting:

Thank you to all the Partnership members for their attendance, and for Matthew Bills of Harborough District Council for hosting this partnership meeting. It was great to see so many faces from the Market Harborough Environment Group, and the Market Harborough in Bloom volunteer groups in attendance. I believe we all learnt a lot from each other and thoroughly enjoyed the site visit of the Welland Valley Partnership’s past work in Market Harborough.

Successful Great River Rescue Clean Up

Our Haul
Our Haul

On Thursday 26th November, the Welland Rivers Trust and the Market Harborough Environment Group combined efforts to clean up the River Welland as it runs through Market Harborough.

In 1 1/2 hours, approximately 20 volunteers managed to remove 4 shopping trollies, 10 bin bags of rubbish, 3 footballs, a space heater, and half a skateboard.

The Volunteers
The Volunteers

We also used water quality testing kits to measure the levels of pollution in the river, and were happy to find very clean water running through the river.

Low Pollution Was Found In The River
Low Pollution Was Found In The River

Well done everyone who helped. For those interested in helping in the future, the next river clean up will be in Market Harborough on November 30th, starting at 1.30 pm.