River Warden Training- 17/07/2018

River Warden Training

Fishing Club1

On Tuesday July 17th, we joined the Environment Agency to help train a new River Warden group, comprising members of the Welland Mayfly Fishing Club. Our River Wardens will help us monitor and protect the River Welland.

Each River Warden group will ‘adopt’ a stretch of river to suit their mobility, interests and location. Wardens will undertake periodic checks and monitoring of their adopted river stretch. On each visit the wardens will survey and record:

  1. Invertebrate biodiversity
  2. Water quality (testing for nitrate, phosphate, acidity, ammonia, and temperature)
  3. Invasive species (e.g. Signal crayfish)
  4. Important wildlife sightings (e.g. Otters)