River Warden Training

River Warden Training


We have trained our first River Warden group to help us monitor and protect the River Welland for both people and wildlife.

We joined students from Copthill School in Uffington, Lincs to train them in water-nutrient testing and invertebrate identification.

The River Warden Scheme gives people who care about the River Welland and their local environment a chance to:

– Work with the Welland Rivers Trust to provide river monitoring

– Carry out river management

– Document and report pollution and other incidents

– Involve their local community and neighbourhood in river restoration and conservation projects

– Act as a point of liaison between the Welland Rivers Trust and their local community

At the Welland Rivers Trust, we want the river to be at the heart of local communities. We believe that community involvement is key for the conservation and restoration of the River Welland and its entire catchment area.