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Welland Valley Partnership meeting: 15/09/2017

Location: Wing WTW, Morcott Rd, Wing, Oakham LE15 8SA: 10.00 am


  1. Richard Reynolds (Anglian Water)
  2. Joanne Pollock (Anglian Water)
  3. Matthew Bills (Harborough District Council)
  4. Geoff Gilfillan (Welland Rivers Trust)
  5. Peter Barham (Welland Rivers Trust)
  6. Chris Stoate (Welland Rivers Trust + Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust)
  7. Georgina Wallis (Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer)
  8. Simon Bonney (Environment Agency)
  9. Dr Chris Extence (Environment Agency)
  10. Prof. David Harper (Welland Rivers Trust)
  11. Amanda Jenkins (South Lincolnshire Fenlands Partnership)
  12. Richard Spiers (Welland Rivers Trust)
  13. Edward Baines (Braunston Parish Council)


10.00: Welcome

10.05: Introduction and Healthy and Safety: Richard Reynolds

10.20: Introduction from the new WRT PO: Geoff Gilfillan

10:35: Actions from previous meeting: Peter Barham

10.50: Presentation: ecological monitoring: Dr Chris Extence

11.05: Individual Partner Updates: All

11:35: Funding updates:

-Rural Development Programme for England

-Other opportunities

11.50: Stamford Mill Pump issue: All

12.05: Any Other Business

13:20: Wing Water Treatment Works tour

Next meeting: October 20th at Market Harborough District Council Offices; 10am

Outcomes of meeting:

Thank you to all the Partnership members for their attendance, and for Richard Reynolds of Anglian Water for organising and hosting this partnership meeting. One of the main objectives for the meeting was for the Welland Rivers Trust’s new Project Officer to introduce himself to the Partnership, and to outline his plans as the Project Officer. Also in attendance was Dr Chris Extence of the Environment Agency, who produced a presentation on the EA’s ecological monitoring plans for the Welland Catchment.

Funding Submission

The Welland Valley Partnership (led by the Welland Rivers Trust) submitted a significant funding bid on September 4th for the Water Environment Improvement Grant Scheme offered through the Environment Agency and DEFRA.

This proposed new scheme will be aimed at a wide range of potential projects from river restoration and barrier removal through to advice for landowners and control of invasive species and diffuse pollution. Overall, the scheme is aimed at the implementation of improvements taking place in, or having a benefit to rural catchment areas.

Together, the Welland Valley Partnership submitted a bid supporting 10 individual projects aimed at restoring and conserving the Welland River Catchment. The Welland Valley Partnership bid totalled over £2.5 million, and included projects ranging from environmentally friendly farming (e.g. The GWCT’s Water Friendly Farming Project), habitat restoration (e.g. The Welland Rivers Trust’s Welland Washes Project), and community outreach (e.g. The Ashley Community Habitat Project).

This is an exciting opportunity, and we hope to share good news with you soon.

Trustee Meeting Update – 05/September/2017

Location: GWCT’s Allerton Project Visitor Centre

Time: 18:30 until 20:30

Attendees: Chris Stoate; Peter Barham; Lisa Smallwood; David Harper; Richard Spiers; Geoff Gilfillan


18:30: Welcome

18:45: Introduction by the new Project Officer: Geoff Gilfillan

19:00: Trust Admin and Finance Matters

19:30: Funding Bids and Opportunities

  • Water Environment Improvement Scheme
  • HLF status
  • Other opportunities

20:00: Any Other Business

Short summary of outcomes:

Thank you to all Trustees for attending this very productive meeting. The main objective for the meeting was for our new Project Officer to introduce himself to all the Trustees, and to discuss Geoff’s role as the Project Officer. Geoff provided the Trust members with an update of his progress in the role during his first two weeks, and together the Trustees contributed to how they see the priorities of his work. We also discussed the latest funding bids and opportunities to move our work forward into the future. Our discussions particularly focused on the recently submitted Water Environment Improvement grant through the Environment Agency and DEFRA (see next update). Finally, we finished the meeting by discussing points and issues we would like to bring up in the up-coming Welland Valley Partnership meeting on September 15th.

New Project Officer Appointed!

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed a new Project Officer for the Welland Rivers Trust.

Geoff Gilfillan started at the end of August, and will be based at the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust’s Allerton Project Visitor Centre in Loddington, Leicestershire. Geoff’s main roles will include:

  • The development and management of a wide range of current and future land, habitat, wildlife and water projects in the Welland Catchment.
  • Building close working collaborations with local statutory, voluntary and community organisations to deliver current projects and design, and develop and manage new opportunities.
  • Identifying and securing funding for the restoration and conservation of the River Welland.

We are all extremely excited for Geoff to get started in this role.

We also want to take this moment to thank Lisa Smallwood for her many years of fantastic work with the Welland Rivers Trust. Thankfully, Lisa has agreed to stay on as a Trustee for the WRT, and we will surely benefit greatly from keeping her knowledge and skills within the Trust.


Geoff Gilfillan

Photography Competition Sept 2017!!!


This September, Welland Rivers Trust will be running a Photography Competition. Please send us any photos that capture the ‘Beauty of the River Welland’.

The winning photos will be judged by the Welland Rivers Trust members before Friday the 29th of September. The top three photos will feature within our next Newsletter, and the top photo will be used as our new cover photo (with appropriate photographer credit) for our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Please send your photos to:

Photo competition-Sept