Tesco Bags of Help Voting- Holbeach

Improving Spalding’s Riverside


Our project has been selected to go for public voting between March and April at the Tesco store in Holbeach.

Working in collaboration with the Spalding RiverSide Forum Community Group, the Welland Rivers Trust have applied for £4,000 from the Tesco Bags of Help grant to fund the design and distribution of ‘Litter Picking Stations’ and educational sign boards along the river, where we are aiming to improve the River Welland in Spalding for both people and wildlife to enjoy.

The Litter Picking Stations will function to make it easier for the public to pick up litter every time they visit the river. The Stations will be A-Frame boards with integrated litter pickers and recyclable bags. Users will take a litter picker and a bag, fill it up with litter and dispose of the litter in nearby bins or recycling points. Litter pickers will be placed back into the holder ready for the next user.

The educational sign boards will aim to inform the public about the history of Spalding’s river, and how people can conserve this valuable resource into the future. The signed information will be specific to relevant sections of the river (e.g. local history near a historic site or duck feeding information near duck feeding sites).