Welland Valley Partnership meeting- 15/12/2017

Location: Waterside Garden Centre Conference Room, King Street, Baston, Peterborough. PE6 9NY 




  1. Matthew Bills
  2. Geoff Gilfillan
  3. Amanda Jenkins
  4. Peter Barham
  5. Georgina Wallis
  6. Richard Spiers
  7. Chris Stoate
  8. Simon Bonney
  9. Mark Tarttelin


10.00               Welcome

10:10               Actions from previous meeting: Peter Barham

10.25               WRT PO report: Geoff Gilfillan

10.40               Individual Partner Updates

11.30               Environment Agency funding changes: Simon Bonney

12.15               AOB

13:30               Site Visit of the River Glen Enhancement Project


Next meeting: 23rd February: The Allerton Project, Loddington Visitor Centre, Main Street, Loddington, Leicestershire, LE7 9XE


Outcomes of meeting:

Thank you to all the Partnership members for their attendance, and for the Waterside Garden Centre for hosting this partnership meeting. This partnership meeting was particularly informative regarding the new funding rules and regulations from the Environment Agency, as these changes will have a large impact on the partnership’s future funding. I believe we also all thoroughly enjoyed the site visit of the River Glen Enhancement Project in Bourne.