Werrington Brook Improvements

werrington brook


Location: Werrington Brook, Peterborough

Lead Organisation/s: Peterborough City Council; The Environment Agency; Peterborough Environment City Trust.

Funding Sources: The Water Framework Directive Grant in Aid through the Environment Agency


Following the completion of a feasibility study in 2014, a 5 year Werrington Brook Improvements project was launched to improve the water quality, biodiversity and community amenity function of several  water bodies in this sub-section of the Welland catchment (including: Marholm Brook, Brook Drain, Paston Brook, Werrington Brook and Cuckoo’s Hollow).

Current Work:

These improvement works involve river restoration schemes, work with local communities and businesses to engender behavioural change, and work to tackle a wide range of pollutants at source.

Improvements involve re-shaping and re-landscaping five stretches of the Werrington, Marholm and Paston brooks, to restore the river to its more historical characteristics. The work will involve installing new features into the brooks to improve the way they naturally function. From restoring the natural flow of the river, to increasing the amount of oxygen in the water, the features will help to clean the water, create new habitats, and provide a more pleasant space for all to enjoy.

The project has recently completed works on Arundel Road and Rockingham Grove. Currently work is progressing on the outline designs for the Aubretia Reach, ahead of going out for public consultation. The planned construction start for this reach is November 2017.


Along with the Werrington Environmental award, awarded by the Werrington Neighbourhood Council, the project has also been shortlisted as a finalist in the National ‘Big Biodiversity Challenge’ awards, results of which will be known in September.

Status: Ongoing