About Us

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About Us

The Welland Rivers Trust (WRT) was founded in 2010 to conserve, protect and restore the River Welland and its tributaries for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Working with a variety of organisations, local people and authorities, our ongoing mission is to raise awareness of the pressures on the freshwater and riparian environment and deliver a variety of projects to improve the chemical, biological and physical condition of the river.

A fundamental aspect of this work is engaging and reconnecting the people that live within the Welland Valley so that this thread of blue infrastructure can improve their health and well-being and once again become central to their local identity. 

Our aims and objectives for the River Welland

To be cleaner and healthier

To support more fish, birds and other wildlife

To meet the increasing demand for drinking water

To provide a more attractive and engaging amenity for people to enjoy

To be sensitively managed by all those whose activities affect it

To continue to provide drainage and manage flood risk

Rising in the Hothorpe Hills above Market Harborough and flowing gently through the rolling countryside of Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and Lincolnshire, the Welland Valley treats residents and visitors to an array of beautiful scenery.

However, extensive dredging, land drainage and straightening in the 20th century damaged the historical character of this river and its journey to The Wash.

Find out more about the river, its history and its landscapes here.

The River Welland downstream of Deeping St. James.
WVP members meet to discuss catchment priorities.

It became clear early on that the WRT can only achieve its vision for the River Welland by working in partnership with local communities, businesses, organisations, and authorities.

To achieve this, the WRT chairs the Welland Valley Partnership (WVP) steering group and coordinates the Welland Catchment’s 5 Year Plan. You can read more about it here.

WRT operates with two full-time staff members and a board of dedicated Trustees. You can read more about the people behind the organisation here.

If you have an interest in the Welland catchment and are interested in becoming involved with the running of the Trust, please get in touch!

WRT Trustees at the 2019 AGM.