Our Projects

Our Active Projects:

Welland Headwaters Improvement Project

Improving community access, restoring habitat, reducing pollution, holding back flood waters… These are some of the aims of this large project in the village of Lubenham, just upstream of Market Harborough.

Funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, work is set to begin on delivering the physical alterations needed this Autumn, with community involvement planned for next year.

River Wardens

Our new citizen science project trains and equips local communities to monitor the condition of their local water courses.

River Wardens record water quality, incidents of pollution and sightings of wildlife helping us to identify priority areas for action and providing participants with the opportunity to learn more about their local environment and have a say on its future.

Please contact us to register your interest!

Welland Washes Feasibility Study

Currently under intensive arable agriculture, the Welland Washes are a narrow strip of land alongside the “Wide Welland” between Peakirk and Spalding. Although intended as a flood storage area to prevent downstream communities from flooding, this potentially useful feature of The Fens remains dry.

This project is investigating local community and landowner interest in storing water on this land, restoring wet grazing and creating new spaces for wildlife and people to enjoy.