Welland Valley Partnership

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Welland Valley Partnership

The Welland Valley Partnership (WVP) was formed in August 2011 through the collaboration of government organisations, local authorities, private businesses and charities to identify the pressures on the River Welland catchment and take steps to address them together.

The WVP follows the principles of the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) and is one of more than 100 active catchment partnerships working towards improving the water environment in England.

You can read more about the Catchment Based Approach here.

Welland Valley Partnership 5 Year Plan

The Welland Rivers Trust hosts and administers the WVP using the Catchment Partnership Support Grant from the Water Environment Improvement Fund. The partnership meets every two months to share expertise and resources, discuss funding possibilities and develop new project ideas to address identified challenges.

The output of these discussions has been summarised in the Welland Catchment 5 Year Plan which catalogues the progress made and potential areas for future work. The plan can be downloaded here.

The Environment Agency’s Catchment Data Explorer has been constructed to provide up-to-date information on the status of all the water bodies in the catchment being monitored under the EU’s Water Frameworks Directive. This is central to driving priority action by the partnership and can be accessed here.

For more information on the Welland Valley Partnership, or to register your organisation’s interest in becoming involved, please contact us.

Welland Valley Partnership Catchment Mapping Portal

The WVP Catchment Mapping Portal is an online tool that collates and presents a wealth of different information on the characteristics, challenges and opportunities in the Welland catchment in a user-friendly way.

It’s purpose is to coordinate and inform project planning between the different partner organisations and allow communities within the catchment to better understand their local environment.

It’s free to use and can be accessed here.

Welland Resource Protection Group

The Welland Resource Protection Group (RPG) is a sub-group of the WVP that meets quarterly to plan engagement with the farming community to improve water quality through workshops, advisory visits and other means of making best use of local evidence based information on land management.

You can read more about the RPG and download summaries of its work here.

Read our review of the partnership’s activities throughout 2019

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