Flooding Postpones Work at Lubenham

Flooding Postpones Work at Lubenham

Unfortunately due to consistently high water levels and saturated ground, we’ve had to postpone our restoration project on the River Welland at Lubenham until January. The village has flooded several times in the past few weeks, so this decision has been made in order for us to complete the job safely and sensitively. We continue to be very grateful for the involvement of the landowners and community at Lubenham for supporting our work and their interest in the project.; we will now aim to begin work in mid-January.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by flooding in the East Midlands. Inundation of our towns and cities is only likely to increase with climate change, so we need to act now to make our rivers more resilient and able to cope with intense rainfall events. This includes slowing the flow of water higher in the catchment, storing water in the floodplain and planting trees to reduce runoff.

Healthy, naturally functioning rivers should be a priority in strategic flood risk management and we will continue to be a voice for the River Welland and its tributaries.

Thanks to Alison Shelton for the photo of the Lubenham floods.

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