“Our Welland” Project has appointed a Community Engagement Officer – Perry Burns

“Our Welland” Project has appointed a Community Engagement Officer – Perry Burns

What is Our Welland - Heritage, Health and Home?

Over the past decade, health and wellbeing professions have communicated the positive effects access to green and blue space can have on our mental and physical health. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has made these effects even clearer, as we rediscovered and made new connections with nature on our doorstep.

With funding from a National Lottery Community Fund development grant, the Welland Rivers Trust is excited to announce the launch of a new project, specifically focussed on assisting the people of the Welland catchment to physically and emotionally reconnect with their local rivers and water courses.

People enjoying the Wellands town meadows at Stamford (Photo © Malcolm Neal (cc-by-sa/2.0))
River Wardens monitoring the health of our rivers

The project will be centred around community-led consultation that will create the opportunity for everyone to have a positive relationship with their river. A key element of this will be establishing novel ways for vulnerable people to get more involved and for the rivers and streams of the Welland catchment to be a source of healing for long term health conditions.

To ensure the sustainability of future work, community led steering groups will be established across the catchment. In addition to developing new community led projects, current projects such as the “River Warden” scheme will continue to be supported and developed, with the aim of increasing the number and wellbeing of wardens across the catchment. To achieve the aims of this new endeavour, the Welland Rivers Trust has appointed a new Community Engagement Officer.

Meet our new Community Engagement Officer

Perry is a native to the Welland and is a keen outdoor enthusiast. He recently graduated from the University of Exeter with and MSc in Sustainable Development after being a local engineer for some years. This re-education came at after a prolonged period uncertainty, until he decided to follow his love of the outdoors and in doing so now wishes to share with you the wonders of the Welland Valley. Perry is motivated by re-connecting people to green and blue space, he wishes to be a part of positive change within the communities of the Welland and believes many wider societal issues may resolved as a result of our re-connection to nature.

So if this project or Perry sounds like a person you want to get involved with please reach out to us, Perry very keen to talk with you.

You can contact him directly by emailing him: perry@wellandriverstrust.org.uk

Perry Burns - Your new Community Engagement Officer