The River Gwash
The River Gwash

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The River Gwash is one of the Welland’s larger tributaries, rising as two headwater streams west of Oakham and flowing eastwards through a wide valley to meet the River Welland downstream of Stamford.

This River Gwash was dammed in the 1970s to form Rutland Water, one of the largest man-made lakes in Western Europe. Although controversial at the time, it is now a much loved destination for fishing, watersports and cycling. Following a successful reintroduction project the late 1990s, Osprey can now be seen hunting and breeding at the reservoir or from a special hide at the River Gwash Trout Farm near Exton.

The River Gwash’s flow is heavily controlled downstream of the dam, but following removal of obstructions throughout the lower River Welland, wild migratory sea trout can now be caught here!

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