New River Wardens Groups

New River Wardens Groups

Over the past two weeks, our Project Manager Chris has been out and about in the Welland Catchment training community members to serve as our newest band of volunteer River Wardens! Following the successful launch of the project last year, the number of groups surveying the River Welland and its tributaries for chemical and biological water quality has grown to 12.

Starting this summer, our River Wardens are now participating in EarthWatch’s FreshWater Watch programme, a global citizen science project focused primarily on monitoring phosphate, nitrate and turbidity in freshwater ecosystems. A handy smartphone app allows the recorded data to be uploaded to the database straight from the field and results graphed and measured against locations around the globe.

For River Wardens keen to get up close and personal with the invertebrates that live in our water courses, the Angler’s Riverfly Monitoring Initiative is providing an excellent mechanism to understand how their diversity and abundance is linked to the overall health of our catchment.

A big thank you goes to Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme, the Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation, the Greater Lincs Nature Partnership, the WF Southall Trust and the Hickinbotham Trust for providing the financial support to make this project possible.

We’re always looking to expand our River Warden network into new areas of the catchment, so to register your interest please contact us with your location to find out more!